About me

Unmesh Brahme
Managing Director, AMEA | Better Future Worldwide
Contact: http://about.me/contact1
W: http://about.me/unmeshbrahme
W: www.better-future.com

Unmesh Brahme is Maurice R Greenberg World Fellow, Yale University; Fellow, THNK Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership and an Executive & Life Coach. His work is in the area of unmeshing minds, removing blindspots, activating human potential consistently. He enables CXOs, boards, executives and organisations lead with purpose, presence, mindfulness and authenticity.

Unmesh has pioneered the art and science of on-site group and individual coaching, linking the process and outcomes to organisional and individual goals.

His focus is on consumer facing and servicing businesses with a passion for FMCG, manufacturing, aviation, hospitality, real estate and infrastructure. His research and allied work is in the area of creating purpose brands, high impact balanced work and life performance ratings and a creative, fulfilling, no-nonsense approach to achieving indepedence of thought and action, making everyone an authentic, happy and success oriented leader.

Unmesh is also a hospitalty, aviation and brand critique, and a travel blogger.

He has coached numerous individuals, groups and organisations over a 30 year career spanning work with corporations, governments, social enterprises and large and small institutions and entities.

To schedule a meeting or consultation, please use this link https://ub.as.me

Better Future helps forward-thinking enterprises reconnect to their core purpose and discover new business opportunities and reinvent the rules of the game. We take business out of the ‘comfort zone’ on customized learning journeys that start with personal and meaningful, and engage with new perspectives, places, and business models.

Board Positions

Global Business School Network

International Society of Sustainability Professionals

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